When to Call for an Emergency Plumber

Plumbing emergencies can end up badly. It can destroy home structures, personal items, and appliances. It can cause injuries, severe water damage, and even pest infestation. Time is of the essence, and every hour of delay could increase the severity of the destruction. 

When toilets and drains get clogged up all at the same time, call an emergency plumber.

Every household should have a reputable licensed plumber in their contact list. Someone who can really show up within minutes when his expertise is needed most. A plumbing professional who can decide on the best course of action when faced with a plumbing emergency of catastrophic proportions.  

Calling an Emergency Plumber

Most local plumbing contractors offer emergency plumbing services. But not all can guarantee a one-hour response, 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Homeowners should have at least a good working relationship with a licensed residential plumber so that the property owner can at least have an idea about the expertise and reliability of the emergency plumber they are calling for. 

When to call for emergency plumbing help

Here are some of the instances when a homeowner should call for emergency plumbing help: 

  1. Sewer or toilet back-ups. 
  2. Persistently clogged drains, especially when all drains at home are simultaneously clogged. 
  3. When pipes freeze or burst. 
  4. When there is minimal to limited water supply in the property that is not caused by the water utilities. 
  5. When the water heater produces odd noises, odors, and fails to work. 
  6. When murky or malodorous water comes out of the tap. 
  7. When water is discolored, and the problem is isolated within the property. 
  8. Significant leaks in the plumbing system seem to drive up the water bills. 

Tips on Hiring an Emergency Plumber

Work only with a licensed residential plumber. Choose a plumbing contractor that is fully legitimate with insurance and bonds that could assure the property owner that if anything goes wrong the contractor can pay for the damages. Moreover, a licensed plumber most likely offers free cost estimates, is less likely to do price gouging, and would usually offer a written work guarantee. 

Upon needing emergency plumbing help, homeowners should first consider calling their resident plumber. If there is none, then ask for a recommendation from a trusted friend or neighbor. When searching from the internet, make sure to choose a highly rated licensed emergency plumber with positive feedback from past clients. 

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